The objective of the Batajnica Memorial Initiative is to establish a memorial site at the place where hundreds of bodies of innocent men, women and children were thrown into mass graves. This should serve as a standing memorial to the victims and a contribution to the remembrance and spreading of the truth about the crimes, which should never recur.

As a web project, that is to say a memorial site in virtual space, the Batajnica Memorial Initiative presents to the public facts and documents about the events related to the mass graves in Batajnica, and calls for the community to support the implementation of the principle objective of this Initiative.

The bodies of the victims were transported from Kosovo to this suburb of Belgrade, in order to conceal traces of mass crimes and protect the individuals responsible from being brought to justice. The secret graves were disclosed, however, and the truth was discovered. Now, all of us have an obligation to prevent these facts from being forgotten again and concealed from the younger generations.

The citizens of Batajnica did not know that they had lived so close to mass gravesites. There is still not a single sign of a memorial in this suburb to the innocent victims, who were inhumanely buried on the plateau used by the Serbian MUP Special Antiterrorist Units as a shooting range. The area in which the mass gravesites are is still used by members of the Serbian MUP.

If you share our conviction that we cannot act as if nothing has happened, please sign the petition for the creation of a Batajnica Memorial Site.

*The photos posted on the web page show an imaginary Batajnica. By subsequent interventions made on the photos taken in the streets of Batajnica, details were added, which express the solidarity of the local community with the victims and not with the criminals who had made this community part of their horrendous plan without their being aware of this.