Sadri Tahiraj

Sadri Tahiraj comes from the village of Racaj (the Municipality of Djakovica). On 27 April 1999, the Serbian army entered the village, ordering his family and other inhabitants to leave and head for Albania. In the village of Meja, Serbian police officers stopped Sadri's tractor and ordered his son Rustem to step down from it. It was the last time that Sadri saw his only son. After the war ended, Sadri searched for Rustem for years, believing his son was alive. During his search, he was the victim of a cruel fraud by a certain Montenegrin who claimed that Rustem was alive. In August 2005, Rustem's body was found in the mass grave in Batajnica, and returned to the Tahiraj family. 

Interviewer Besart Lumi: 08.12.2013