Liridon Markaj

In April 1999, Liridon Markaj was 15 years old and was living with his family in the village of Korenica, close to the town of Đakovica. On April 27th, 1999, members of the Serbian forces chased them out of their house and ordered them to go to Albania. As they were passing through Meja, the police ordered Liridon and his uncles Milan (35) and Đovalin (36) to get off their tractor, and  took them to the meadow next to the road. After some time, they let Liridon go, but continued to detain Milan and Đovalin. That was the last time  their family saw them alive. Four years later, they found out that they had been killed and that their bodies had been found in Batajnica. For Pashka, their mother, the final reason she had for living was  to organize a proper funeral for her sons. She killed herself several days after the funeral.

Interviewer Florent Spahija: 08.12.2013