On 26 March 1999, members of the VJ 549th Motorised Brigade killed 18 Kosovo Albanian civilians in Landovica, including 10 women and six minors. The remains of five of the victims were subsequently found at Batajnica. The youngest was two and the oldest was 76 years old.

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On the morning of 26 March 1999, VJ tanks surrounded Landovica. At about 2:00 p.m., a tank positioned at the entrance to the village fired a shell at the house of the Gashi family, in which there were 45 villagers at the time. The shell hit the first floor of the house killing a 16-year-old boy. As the other people started running out of the house, soldiers fired rounds of automatic gunfire at them, instantly killing 13, including a pregnant women and six children.  Another five villagers were killed that day by VJ soldiers at various locations in the village.



last name

father's name

date of birth

place of birth

date of incident

1 DALIFE GASHI HAZER 07.11.1923 Hoča Zagradska/Hoçë e Qytetit, opština Prizren 3/26/99
2 FATIME MORINA SELMAN 25.05.1955 Brestovac/Brestoc, opština Orahovac/Rahovec 3/26/99
3 KUSHTRIM SELIMAJ NAZIM 07.10.1991 Grejkovce/Grejkoc, opština Suva Reka/Suharekë 3/26/99
4 LULJETE QARRETI HAXHI 22.07.1965 Velika Kruša/Krushë e Madhe, opština Orahovac/Rahovec 3/26/99
5 SHEFKI JAHAJ ALI 20.06.1948 Romaja/Romajë, opština Prizren 3/26/99